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To hire and use our Mobility Equipment you must become a member of Tetbury Shopmobility. You become a member by making your initial booking with us and paying the membership fee when you collect the equipment.

You can make a booking by telephone and our booking centre staff will collect all the necessary information from you.

Alternatively you can make a booking by email. In this case you should download the Online Booking Form.

Complete the first page of the Online Booking Form, save it and attach it to the email that you send to our booking centre. Note: all the boxes on the form are Word text boxes designed for size 12 Arial font. Locate your cursor in the box and enter the information required.

Now download the T&C plus Safety Instructions.

Please print, read and sign the two other documents;

- Terms and Conditions of Hire and Membership
- Safety Instructions.

and bring these with you when you come to collect the equipment.

  Terms and Conditions of Hire and Membership

The mobility equipment is loaned on the understanding that the Member;

1. accepts full responsibility for the equipment hired to them.
2. understands that the equipment remains the property of Tetbury Shopmobility.
3. understands that the equipment, unless otherwise agreed with Tetbury Shopmobility, is hired for use in and around Tetbury Town centre and must not be taken outside these boundaries except to return the Member to his/her means of transport. If the Member is accompanied by a friend or carer, the latter cannot use any powered equipment hired (even to return the equipment to the agreed 'return location') unless they are signed up as a Member themselves.
4. is satisfied he/she can safely operate all controls of the powered scooter before taking it out, and undertakes to follow all instructions concerning the safe operation of the equipment given by the Tetbury Shopmobility volunteer who signs out the equipment to the Member.
5. always turns off powered scooters when stationary.
6. does not leave powered scooters unattended unless the key is removed. The scooter should be parked so as to cause minimum inconvenience to others. Manual wheelchairs should never be left unattended unless secured to a fixed position. Cables and locks are available on request.
7. never allows anyone else to ride on the equipment hired to them - even a small child may alter the stability of the equipment.
8. immediately reports to Tetbury Shopmobility (either to the Volunteer who signed out the equipment or to the Booking Centre);
- any incidents that may give rise to claims for damage or injury caused by the equipment,
- any emergency for which you may require assistance.
9. ensures the equipment is returned in a clean safe condition. If you have accidents of any sort,
let the receiving Volunteer know when you return the equipment. A vehicle safety check can then be carried out before someone else uses it.

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  Safety Instructions

1. Members should always exercise due care and attention when using the equipment.
2. Particular care should be taken when crossing roads. Pedestrian crossings should be used where available.
3. Ramps and dropped kerbs are the safest locations to mount and dismount pavement kerbs. They should always be used where available.
4. Members must be aware of traffic and other pedestrians at all times and be considerate of the safety of others. In particular, reduce speed on a crowded pavement and keep a sensible distance from pedestrians. Remember that they can stop quicker than your powered scooter or even your manual wheelchair. Do not ride the scooter or wheelchair two abreast with another on pavements.
Powered Scooters
5. The scooters provided by Tetbury Shopmobility are not on-road vehicles and should only be used on pavements and pedestrian areas except when crossing roads or avoiding obstacles.
6. Scooters must be switched off in lifts and when the user is getting on or off.
7. Scooters should be at their LOWEST speed when going in or out of doorways, in lifts, in shops and busy pedestrian areas.
8. The scooter will have a basket on the front and may have a carry bag mounted on the back of the seat for shopping and bags. Shopping must not be placed on the frames of scooters and in particular the handlebars must be kept clear of bags.
Manual Wheelchairs
9. Shopping should not be carried on the back of any wheelchairs as this can unbalance the chair.
10. Brakes on wheelchairs must be ON when getting in or out of the chair, and at any time when the chair is stationary.

  Tetbury Shopmobiliity was set up as the John Dearnley
Mobility Scheme in memory of one of the town's most
active citizens, former mayor and long-time councillor.
It operates within Tetbury Welfare Charities (charity
number 202288).
  Tetbury Shopmobility is a registered member of
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